Tyra Banks and the Good Hair Episode

May 12, 2009

Tyra Banks on Good Hair

What is good hair? Good hair is healthy hair. Real simple, right? Wrong. There is this weird debate about good vs. bad hair in the Black community that is taking place online and IRL (edit: in real life :) ) everyday. It’s so popular that Tyra Banks dedicated an entire show to the foolishness. Sigh…

I hate when Tyra does race shows. It’s usually one-sided and represents some extreme that I just can’t relate to. Seriously, who can forget the “skin bleaching” show or the “I want to look white so bad I wore a hood and posed as a member of the KKK while my white friends laughed at me” show. Point Blank… Tyra’s race shows are annoying and this one was no exception.

It started with the delusional sister who hates her natural hair, but claims her own relaxed hair has something called a “white girl flow”. Pause… That was followed by a woman admitting to relaxing her three year old daughter’s hair with a relaxer from root to tip with a video to boot. The child was crying out because the relaxer was eating at her scalp. And let’s not forget the mom who is too ashamed to introduce her daughter to her friends and colleagues because… GASP… her daughter is newly natural.

The only bright moments of the show featured a young woman whose hair was loced and the authors of the great book, Hair Story. It was not balanced at all. The girl with the locs spoke for a very brief amount of time at the end of her segment, and the experts views were probably overlooked due to the craziness on the stage. I wish Tyra would have brought a Trichologist on the show to explain what chemical relaxers do to your scalp and hair over time. At least people watching would be able to make an informed decision before getting their hair relaxed. I wish Tyra would have actually had the authors of Hair Story on the stage. Why were they just chilling in the audience? I wish Tyra would pay for therapy for the idiot mothers on the panel who will go back home and continue to tell these young girls that their hair is BAD. I just wish she would have spent just a little time on educating her audience that the only good hair is healthy hair. This show was just an epic FAIL.

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RelaxedandHappy May 12, 2009 at 7:41 pm

I do agree with you. The show was a hot mess! I clearly don’t have a problem with relaxers (lol!) and I do think she should have spent more time educating folks on how to take care of their hair. What does IRL mean?

Anonymous May 12, 2009 at 11:21 pm

Well, I watched the show this afternoon and was completely left emotionally drained. As a woman who went natural recently, I was hoping that Tyra would have more representations of women with various “TYPES” of hair and by that I don’t mean this bogus “good vs. bad” hair thing….but more like TYPE 4a, TYPE 2 hair analysis….so many woman, especially “sistas” don’t even know in regards to the strand what the type their hair is….there is a big difference….

No instead, Tyra had crazy mothers with their own agendas on the show…like the stupid lady with the braids who wanted to have a mixed baby because she was teased as a child…..someone should’ve thrown her a jar of self-esteem because that was low….

Or the mother who “permed” her daughter’s hair eventhough the daughter said that she didn’t like it and cried….and when her sister got up to say it was silly the mother told her very own sister to “mind her business”…

OR…what about the white mother who put weave in her daughter’s hair to make her look more black and her little girl (8 yrs. old) said that SHE DIDN’T LIKE WEARING WEAVE……

I was like COME ON TYRA……

That show was a white wash…..no pun intended…..

Tyra should’ve hit up those ladies over at the LONG HAIR CARE FORUM to show that BLACK WOMEN (Israelites) have UNIQUE hair especially designed by the creator of the universe and it can grow longer than repunzel but not if we don’t know HOW TO TAKE CARE OF IT….and the perms/relaxers ain’t cutting it…..

so to all the low self esteem women out there who are subjecting their children to their own insecurities, I have this to say….”WILLIE LYNCH”….

google him and you’ll see why this “generational curse” when it comes to good/bad hair and light/dark skin still persists today…..

Ps…if Tyra was so proud of her roots she wouldn’t only show her cornrows when doing a show about black women and hair (this is not the first time I noticed that)….she needs to ditch the lacefronts and learn what a bantu knot is too…..our hair is TOO VERSITLE and our people too precious to let this delusion continue any longer…..

The tribe of Judah, you need to stand up and read your bibles, your history is right there! Stop being ashamed of who you are and whose you are….you are children of the Most High…..


Danni July 28, 2010 at 11:02 am

The funny thing about this is that i decided to fully go natural last week and my mother said to me “why would you want to do that? You dont have hair like a white girl?” I have had a relaxer since the age of two and my hair did not start to grow until my stylist helped me to reduce the frequency of my relaxers in addition to trying to get me to go natural. So I was kind of upset about waht she said. Apparently she says “Your (my) hair is just nappy and since you do not have hair like a white girl you porbably will not be able to stand it long enough to go completely natural anyway”. I got no support from her at all. But I see what my natural curls are starting to look like and I kind of like it so I will continue. No thanks to her…

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