Sharmooz Satin Head Wrap

August 31, 2009

Black Hair Care Satin Head Wrap
Photo Credit: Sharmooz

One of the major steps to Black Hair Care is protecting your hair. The easiest way for me to do so is by using satin scarves and satin pillowcases. The company Sharmooz specializes in luxury satin gifts and was kind enough to send me a satin head wrap. I received the pink cheetah wrap and it was too cute!

The quality was exceptional, but if you have a sewing machine and some fabric, I’m sure you can create it yourself. For the non-skilled ladies like me, buying one is your next bet. You can wear it as a cute scarf for your lazy days or to sleep in. The only problem with the head wrap is that if my hair is not in thin braids or a straightened style, it will not fit. So my only recommendation is for an extra-large option :) However, I do think it’s perfect for when you wrap your hair or if you do pin curls.

The head wraps are made with charmeuse satin and available in 10 flavors. For more information, visit Sharmooz and don’t forget they sell satin pillowcases too.

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