Natural Glam Jewelry

February 15, 2012

Check out this fab jewelry line below brought to you by Candice from Natural Glam Jewelry. Candice describes her line as “an adornment for the soul.” She started her line with the intention to inspire women to embrace our individual uniqueness in a self-honoring and loving way. Visit Natural Glam Jewelry on Facebook and you can purchase the line at Etsy.

Natural Glam Jewelry

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Natural Hair TransitionMy last update consisted of me ranting about how I’m going to start straightening my hair more… Well, guess what? After all the noise I made I straightened my hair once… for my birthday. It’s just been so much easier for me to rock a co-washed ponytail lately. It only takes 5 minutes, and I just can’t resist… And I’ve been too lazy to do anything else :)

The only other staple hairstyle that I’ve been wearing is a flat twistout (pictured below)… Maybe about once or twice a week. Sometimes it turns out great, other times it looks like… blah. But it always looks better than the ponytail, lol.

Transition HairstylesOne issue that I’m dealing with is if I should attempt to define my curls or leave them as is. My best friend suggested that I use a list of products and some scrunching method. Honestly, I don’t have the time and it seems like too much work. My fro hairstyle looks fine too me… I’m really in love with it! It takes me all of 5 minutes to do my wash and go in the shower, but I might give her suggestion a try at least once in the future.

Last, I’m still dealing with single strand knots. The only solutions I know to combat them are too keep my hair stretched or start using heat. Decisions, Decisions. And before I forget… is going to undergo a huge change sometime during the first quarter of next year. That means more frequent postings, features, videos, and a few other things :) So stay tuned! For now… Please join me on Twitter @hairmilk… And that means I’m actually tweeting and not just using it for an additional blog feed ( *coughs*, that last one was for Tocarra. Ha Ha!).


Letter To My Hair Video

December 11, 2010

Jocelyn forwarded her recent video. It’s an ode to loving and treating your hair better, and I can relate… Le Sigh. Enjoy!


Flowers By Fatima Fatima Spencer, owner of Flowers by Fatima, recently forwarded an email about her gorgeous hair accessories. Flowers From Fatima is a line of floral hair and fashion accessories for women of all ages, as well as children. The line includes everything from crystal hair clips to chic headbands. These accessories are great for everyday wear, and excellent for special occasions. The unique aspect about Flowers From Fatima is that every piece is specially made, as she carefully designs each accessory herself. You can purchase the accessories online from Etsy. Check out a few of the items below!!!

Hair Accessories

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