Living Proof No Frizz Hair

June 8, 2009

I remember reading about the Living Proof No Frizz hair products in a beauty magazine last year. And since Sabino Moisture Block didn’t work as well as I expected, I’m thinking about giving this product a shot the next time I straighten my hair. It was created by MIT scientists and according to the website…

“Living Proof products are formated to leave “a smooth, perfect layer” on your hair that adheres tightly to the hair, which allows for long-lasting moisture resistance and rebalancing of the hair fiber’s interaction with the atmosphere, even after extreme humidity. This layer reduces swelling of the hair shaft due to moisture absorption which in turn prevents the cuticles from lifting up and causing frizz.”

The special ingredient is polyfluoroester and unlike silicones… it’s not supposed to coat your hair. I’m skeptical, but I also have a gift card for Sephora and feeling like taking a chance on this one. The reviews online have been pretty impressive. Has anyone else tried this product?

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