Hair Forecast

April 4, 2009

Hair Forecast

Have you ever wondered what the Hair Forecast would be for a certain day of the week? You’ll never find the answer from your local TV meteorologists, but you can find it online at Hair Forecast.

“Hair ForecastTM takes the weather forecasts for over 1000 U.S. cities and translates them to a simple index from 1 to 10 for hair. Hair Forecast considers humidity, wind, rain chance, and temperature. It thinks about how all these will affect your hair so you don’t have to.

A Hair Forecast that’s a “10″ means a great hair day. Curl your hair if you are naturally straight or straighten your hair if you are naturally curly, and expect it to stay that way! If you suffer from frizzy hair, expect little or no frizz on a “10″ day. A “1″ means a bad hair day. Make it a pony tail day, wear a hat, or use your favorite anti-frizz product. The bottom line is, save yourself some time and get your Hair Forecast before you touch your hair brush. “

Sounds like a great idea to me! Before I found the site I was looking up dew points for my local weather, because I know that it has a direct effect on how my hair will react once I’m outside. This site is also very accurate for me in predicting if I’m going to have a good hair day… And every time you pull a hair forecast, the site makes a donation to Blood: Water Mission for the 1000 Wells Project… which is the equivalent of one day’s worth of clean water to one African. So make sure to check it out and tell your friends and family too.

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