Hair Care Diary: Headscarves, Solange, and Twistouts

August 12, 2009

Black Hair CareI figured it was about time to add an entry to my Hair Care / Transition to Natural Hair Diary. My routine has not changed at all, lol. I’m still primarily rocking the twistout hairstyle and wigs when I don’t feel like doing that. The above picture is probably my best flat twistout to date! The curls came out so defined, shiny, and huge… (You know I love big hairstyles!). I’ve been sticking to the spray bottle of water, coconut oil, and shea butter combo to achieve the hairstyle. Coconut oil is probably my favorite hair care product right now. It helps my hair stay moisturized and provides a ridiculous amount of shine without weighing my hair down. Love it, love it, love it! And I cropped part of my face in the picture because I looked crazy and tired, lol….

Solange Short Hairstyle

Solange and Beyonce Hair

Solange did the big chop a few weeks and I love the new hairstyle. She caught a lot of flack online and off about it because some incorrectly assumed she was one of the recent “shave your head” crew members… I think she looks great, but I’m also a Solange stan :) It’s also not the first time she went for the complete shaved hairstyle… I remember pictures of her first big chop and natural hair floating around when she was pregnant. The pictures above are from Solange and Beyonce’s recent trip to Japan… I believe they were promoting a handbag line.

Last, I’m a little confused about all the attention Terrell Owens is getting for his “headscarf” comment on his reality show. It seems that some women have started going hard at him on twitter about it. For those that don’t know… Terrell made a comment jokingly to one of his Black female assistants about her headscarf that she wears to sleep not being sexy, and how none of his women wear them to bed. It seems some Black women are taking it personal and an attack against Black women. Whatever! Last time I checked bonnets and scarves are not sexy… most men put up with them, but most would also rather you not wear one to sleep… So what’s the big deal? I’m all for Black Hair Care… obviously… but give the man a break.

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Ease August 13, 2009 at 4:29 pm

Your hair looks good D.

amanady August 26, 2009 at 4:58 am

Solange is really stunning in this hairstyle. U too…

trinisoul October 2, 2009 at 2:05 pm

Your hair looks great. Trying to get my daughter to do this. My beau rips mine off if he wants a moment. ;) . However it could come off wrong if the man who says it only dates caucasian or mixed sisters. I don’t know the man so can’t judge

Karina October 6, 2009 at 11:34 pm

**Getting on my soapbox**

In regards to the T.O. statement:

I think black women went in on Owens because he was putting down black women. He said none of “his women” wear them to bed … I don’t think I need to mention that ALL of his girlfriends/love interests on his reality show are NON-BLACK women?

I personally get tired of seeing/hearing that “other” women are more attractive/more desirable than black women. That message is subliminally transmitted to us all over the media when every magazine cover girl/news anchor/actress/singer/etc … is a blond Caucasian female. We don’t need to get that message YET AGAIN from a self-loathing, ugly and conceited Black athlete that can’t string two coherent sentence together and who refuses to date anyone who might resemble his own mother! Does Owens really think the pretty white women he chases would want him if he weren’t rich? (Stew on that one for a minute).

Yes, I will admit it: scarves and bonnets are not sexy. However, they are an absolute necessity for the healthy, manageable hair that men love and covet. It really cannot be avoided, and if we black women had another choice we wouldn’t wear them. Unfortunately, we don’t so they are here to stay.

**off my soapbox**

Azeeza October 14, 2009 at 3:11 pm

amen karina! well said :)

Siobhan October 16, 2009 at 4:27 pm

i totally agree with Karina. we as black woman need to embrace our natural hair more and stop acting like its worse than it is. weaves and wigs and pieces are fun of course but we should learn to love our real hair just as much or even more than artificial things. all hair is beautiful. plain&simple. your hair looks fabulous and i’m going to twist out my hair for the first time this weekend now that i am no longer perming my hair. i hope it turns out well :D

Dani October 17, 2009 at 6:38 am

(Not sure how I let this post fly under the radar…)
@ Ease
Where have you been?

@amanady and trinisoul
Thanks :)

@ Karina
Hi Beautiful! I’ve followed TO’s career since he was in San Francisco and contrary to popular belief , the man does not discriminate. And his most recent relationship was with Jessica White. You can google her, but trust… the sister is Black! He likes beautiful women period.

He was obviously joking with Kita when he said it. So I still don’t get why some Black women are taking it personal just because he chooses to date interracially. I don’t know that man personally, and don’t care who he dates… We aren’t missing anything when Terrell Owens decides not to date us exclusively. I’m not saying you don’t have a valid point about the subliminal messages that are being sent out, you do. But I wonder if some of us are taking an obvious joke too personal.

And let’s be real… I don’t think women of any color would be chasing him if he was broke. Last, satin bonnets/scarves are not a necessity… that’s why they invented satin/silk pillowcases ;)

@ Siobhan
Thanks momma! Let me know how it goes when you get the time :)

krianne thomasson November 25, 2009 at 11:55 am

well what i think about the comment said is that, he was probably trying to get with the woman he said it to. duh! read inbetween the lines
“None of the women HE dates wear scarves/bonnets”
he was probably trying to say hey baby u wanna be with me you gotta throw out that cap. and so if you arent his woman…..then why are you worried about what he said. shit there are plenty of men out there that date women that do wear scarves/bonnets to bed so the hell with what his women do, those are HIS women. Hell he makes them sound more like property anyway so that jus makes the comment worse…..when you think about it, if he has more than one girlfriend they kinda are. stupid little girls.

Asia January 14, 2011 at 10:13 am

I’m all for good hair care but first of all, if you’re wearing a scarf to bed, how about you wear one that’s sexy, such as cheetah print or something . But however, it’s even sexier if you simply just get a satin pillowcase. Your hair can still be out and about and sexy and healthy.

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