Chris Rock’s Good Hair Documentary

February 2, 2009

Chris Rock Good Hair
Source: HBO

I found a great clip of Chris Rock discussing his new Hair Documentary titled “Good Hair”. Chris Rock got the idea for the film from his daughter who questioned why she didn’t have “Good Hair”… Which is truly sad to me because you know someone told her that for her to repeat it in the first place. The documentary mainly follows a hair show and attempts to document the culture of Black hair and Black hair care business within the community. And it features many Black celebrities talking about their hair including Al Sharpton (… Doesn’t look like he ever misses his relaxer appointment), Nia Long, Raven Symone, Paul Mooney (I would love to hear his opinion! Love me some Paul Mooney), and Maya Angelou.

From the clips I’ve seen, the film it not a judgmental one. So don’t look forward to Chris Rock declaring that Black women should stop relaxing or weaving it up. And I’m glad about that, because I feel that it’s not my business what another grown woman or man chooses to do with their hair. Life is not that serious! But I do have a problem with baby girl in the picture above. The dang relaxer is all over that poor child’s scalp. If you’re going to be that trifling to apply a relaxer to a child’s head at least do it correctly. I digress…

Check out the video below of a Q&A with Chris Rock, Nelson George, and Sarah Jones.

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