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RIP Whitney Houston

February 15, 2012

Whitney Houston’s music was the soundtrack to my life from birth to a young adult. The Bodyguard soundtrack was the first cassette I ever purchased w/ my own money. I remember how I saved for what seemed like forever and begged my sister to take me to buy it. Le Sigh. #memories Rest in Paradise [...]


Natural Glam Jewelry

February 15, 2012

Check out this fab jewelry line below brought to you by Candice from Natural Glam Jewelry. Candice describes her line as “an adornment for the soul.” She started her line with the intention to inspire women to embrace our individual uniqueness in a self-honoring and loving way. Visit Natural Glam Jewelry on Facebook and you [...]

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“According to, the Australian scientists that discovered the curly gene (aka trichohyalin) are now working on creating a pill that would “cure” genetically textured locks. This pill would render relaxers, texturizers, and flatirons obsolete–but it could also signal the end of luscious, Tracee Ellis Ross-type curls, forever. The thing is, if scientists can isolate [...]


Sade Soldier of Love Video

January 20, 2010

The much-anticipated video for Sade’s first single release from the brand new album, Soldier of Love is now available to view worldwide. I’m a huge fan of Sade and absolutely love the video. And I’m very happy that she’s back… Sade and Maxwell did a number on me making me wait almost 10 years for [...]