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Flexi Rods Hairstyle

August 10, 2010

This was my first time attempting a flexi rods hairstyle. The results turned out great with the help of LottaBody (Love that stuff!) and I can’t believe that just a few years ago I was completely style challenged and hopelessly dependent on my hair stylist. It felt so good to pull this one off. I [...]


A Bantu Knot Out is a quick and no fuss transition hairstyle. I’ve made several attempts to do them with my hair but they never come out right. I think the issue for me is that my hair was relaxed bone straight in the past… so the relaxed ends just look very thin as with [...]


In the videos below, Mwedzi demonstrates how to create a mega bun on natural hair. The only thing you need to be able to do to obtain this hairstyle is the ability to place your hair into puff. I’ll be trying it the next time I blow my hair out. Enjoy!

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I mentioned that I straightened and cut my hair (2.5-3 inches) a few weeks ago in my 15 month hair transition update on Monday. Today, I’m back with the pictures and my straight hair regimen. Let’s get started! Pictures on the left are of my hair right after being blown out with the blowdryer. And [...]