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Transitioning to natural hair from relaxed hair is a big step for many women. My decision to stop relaxing was totally random. I always stretched my relaxers at least 3-4 months and after deciding to go on an ultimate stretch of about eight months… I just didn’t see the point anymore. Once my transition to [...]


I’ve been searching for more “natural” and “organic” hair products for the last month. And the more I learn about ingredients, the more I wonder does it even matter. I love Aubrey Organics GPB, but I wonder why they don’t choose to label Cetyl Alcohol (an emulsifier and emollient… which is far from drying) what [...]


I’m going to be reviewing a ton of hair books over the next few weeks, and Going-Natural: How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair is the perfect book to start with. If you’re contemplating going natural… Buy this book! It’s loaded with lots of pictures, instructions, and natural hair tips. The book was written [...]

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Best Black Hair Care Tips

March 10, 2009

These are the best Black Hair Care Tips I have discovered on my journey. They will work on both natural and relaxed hair. And I don’t know anyone who has put these into practice without noticing a huge difference in their hair. It took me less than one month to see a change for the [...]