Hair Books had the chance to interview Katrina Spencer, former hairstylist turned author, about her latest book Unbeweaveable. Check it out below! You use the word, Weavy Wonder, a lot on your blog. Explain the definition of the word. Weavy Wonder is a woman who wears a weave regularly. I added the ‘Wonder’ because her weave [...]

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Cathy Howse was one of the first authors to dispel Black hair care myths. Although I prefer the original version of this book, the 2000 edition of Ultra Black Hair Growth is still a great read for beginners. With the exception of a few rants about hairstylists and heavy product pushing, it’s a pretty helpful [...]


I’ll keep this one short. You need to buy this book! It’s a fairly quick read and worth your money and time. “Whether it’s hip-hop diva Lil’ Kim’s “weave of the week” or activist Angela Davis’s Afro, black hair evinces the power to set trends and define icons. In this entertaining and concise survey, Byrd [...]


I’m going to be reviewing a ton of hair books over the next few weeks, and Going-Natural: How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair is the perfect book to start with. If you’re contemplating going natural… Buy this book! It’s loaded with lots of pictures, instructions, and natural hair tips. The book was written [...]

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