Hair Accessories

Um… wow. As if hair extensions weren’t good enough, you can go ahead and buy yourself a cute t-shirt with printed hair on it. Hmmm…Does it even look somewhat believable? Not really, but someone might be able to pull it off? For less then half the price of extensions ($38), you can grab your very [...]


I’ve been wearing one of my favs this week. Too busy to do my hair and just not feeling up to it… so I grabbed one of my wigs and rocked it with a few different hair accessories throughout the week. It’s a short bob hairstyle from the Sensationnel Totally Instant Weave line. The hair [...]


Elastic Headbands

June 5, 2009

I’ve been on the hunt for more elastic headbands since I’ve been co-washing and bunning my hair this summer. I think they’re the perfect hair accessory… and a better option than other headbands because they don’t have those little teeth prongs. Below are a few of my favorites and many are under $5. Check them [...]


Cheap Floppy Hats

May 3, 2009

After watching the Kentucky Derby Saturday, I had the bright idea that I wanted to rock a few floppy hats this summer. It’s a great way for me to stick to one of my favorite black hair care tips… which is protective hairstyles. I’m looking for a hat that will compliment a side swept bun [...]