A Sour Trip To The BSS

February 8, 2009

I visited two Beauty Supply Stores (known as the BSS in online talk) yesterday and had the worst experiences. I needed a good cleansing shampoo on the fly because I wanted to do a protein treatment this weekend. And since I tossed my Pantene clarifying shampoo a long time ago after learning how drying it was to my hair, I’ve been searching for a good replacement. I decided on using Keracare’s 1st Lather after some research… and off to the BSS I go.

So I go into this swanky BSS determined to find my poo and can’t find it. Hmmm… I would think it would be right next to the Affirm relaxer system because…well, duh… it’s the same company. And all the other non-cheapie hair products are sitting right in front of the cash register, but I still can’t find it. Whatever… I find a store employee and ask where the Keracare is and he points me to the front. Ok, I now feel kind of stupid because it was right at the front entrance of the store. So I’m looking at the display and all of the Keracare products are looking mighty dusty. Seriously, every last one of the products had layers of dust on them. Ewww… that means that they have probably been sitting there for who knows how long. But that wasn’t the worst thing… Before gunning out of there I saw that the price tag on the front said $18.99. Are they serious? That same small 8 ounce bottle of shampoo sells for $6.55 from Avlon’s website. I practically ran out of that store!

Then I went to another BSS about five minutes away, and decided that not only did I need the shampoo, I needed a new spray bottle too. This BSS is pretty big and has a hair salon inside of it. I find the shampoo pretty fast with no problems and go in search of a water bottle. Found it! But here is where the drama begins. I inspect the water bottle and on first glance it looks cool. But then I look a little closer and see grime around the spray nozzle. I then check the other spray bottles to make sure I’m not crazy with the same result. My first guess it that the hair salon must use the stuff… and then the owners wash it out lazily before trying to sell it to customers. I was hot at this point and grabbed an employee! “Do you see this? These are used bottles… trifling… chemicals may have been inside…” I went on and on and on before tossing that damn bottle of shampoo at him and getting out of the store.

I’m sooooo done with the BSS. They will never get my money again! I’ll either find a homemade solution or buy my hair products from an online vendor that I trust. I ended up doing an ACV rinse and following it up with a moisturizing poo before I did the protein treatment.

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Soul Mommy February 8, 2009 at 5:03 pm

That’s exactly why I refuse to step foot in those stores. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

Dr. Ali Syed February 9, 2009 at 7:09 pm

Sorry about your bad experience.

Usually when you seek out professional or luxury products through unauthorized channels, you will eventually be let down.

Take care.

Dani February 9, 2009 at 8:36 pm

@ Soul Mommy: ITA! They are usually my last resort but never again. Fool me once… Thanks for your comment.

@ Dr. Ali Syed: Lesson learned… I’ll be purchasing the product directly from your online store instead. Thanks for stopping by.

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