5 Ways To Recession Proof Your Hair Care

June 16, 2009

Black Hair Care

I’m currently undergoing a Total Money Makeover and the easiest way for me to save money is to reduce hair related expenses. Since the recession started, I noticed a lot of other women attempting to cut back on hair products and styling too. Below are my top 5 ways to save money in a recession when it comes to your hair care.

Recycle Your Hair Products
Don’t throw away a hair product because it didn’t work as well as you thought it would. If you no longer use sulfate shampoos but still have a few left… Go ahead and dilute it with some water before using to take away the drying effects it may have on your hair. I also used the remainder of my shampoos to clean my sneakers and flip flops. And I’ve read that they make great shower and bath tub cleaners too :)

As for conditioners, they are very easy to re-use. You can try left over conditioners as leave-in conditioner, to shave with, in a pre-poo, or add some to your deep conditioner. And if you have full bottles of hair products you don’t plan on using for anything, go ahead and place them in a basket to donate to a local shelter.

Buy Products In Bulk

Hair Products

I always buy my hair staples in bulk every four to six months. My last hair product haul was at the end of March and I probably won’t have to buy any deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, or shampoo until early October. Don’t be a product junkie in hard times if you already know what works for your hair. And opt for the larger bottles or tubs of hair products to save money if they are your hair staples. You will save more money in the long run buying a 32 oz. shampoo bottle over an 8 oz. one.

Coupon Codes and Discounts
Locate coupon codes and discounts if you do a lot of online shopping. The quickest way to learn about sales and discounts is to join your favorite store’s email list. I get some of my natural hair products from vitacost and they are always sending me coupon codes when they have sales on hair products. Another great way to check for coupon codes is by visiting Retail Me Not. This site has a huge database of stores that carry hair products with coupons available. Just put the name of the store into their search engine and it will show what discounts are available.

Use Products From Your Kitchen
I’m not going to waste money on ORS Mayo when I have my own mayonnaise in the house. Mayo, Eggs, Olive Oil, Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coffee, and Beer are just a few products in your kitchen that can help you with deep conditioning, protein treatments, clarifying, hot oil treatments, adding shine, and much more. I’m going to start posting more Homemade Hair Recipes on a weekly basis to help you out in this area.

Learn How To Do Your Hair Yourself
Taking a Do-It-Myself approach to my hair has saved me thousands of dollars a year in salon costs, gas, and my time. There is no reason to depend on a hair stylist in the age of YouTube. If you don’t know how to do your own hair, there are books, black hair care forums, and tons of tutorials available online for free. Take advantage of what’s available to you and start saving money.

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Stacey June 16, 2009 at 7:34 am

Nice post…

I see you’re posting more regularly now. I likey!

Dani June 16, 2009 at 10:22 pm

Thanks Stacey. I’m trying to update a couple of times a week since I’ve been neglecting the blog for the last few months. I might switch to 2-3 days a week depending on my schedule.

Nikita January 4, 2014 at 5:47 am


Thanks for sharing these very useful tips. I liked the point you have mentioned here for recyling the product before throwing, i have done this alot of time. Yes offcourse on should wait for discount sales and should buy in bulk.

Thank You

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