In an op-ed on the New York Times, British-Nigerian filmmaker Zina Saro-Wiwa explained the basis for her documentary about the transition from relaxed to natural hair and what it means to Black women.

“There are as many ‘natural hair journeys’ as there are transitioning women. What I find remarkable about the movement is the way it is spreading through black women in America. Many are transitioning silently, without much fanfare. Some are inspired by friends and family members who have already made the switch. As Anu Prestonia, the owner of Khamit Kinks, a natural hair salon in Brooklyn, told me, ‘There’s been an evolutionary process that has turned into a revolution.’ It is not an angry movement. Women aren’t saying their motivation is to combat Eurocentric ideals of beauty. Rather, this is a movement characterized by self-discovery and health.”

View the trailer above.


relaxed hair to natural hairHappy Valentine’s Day… a day later :) And I’m just about a year late with this update, lol. This post is going to be long and pic heavy. I ended my 30 month transition from relaxed to natural hair on March 26, 2011. Going natural was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made. There were ups and downs, and a few times when I was ready to just shave it all off… But I made it to my goal of 2.5 years before trimming the last relaxed ends off. Thanks to all my readers, e-buddies, LHCF forum girls, family and friends for the support and encouragement during and after my transition. I really appreciate it! Below I’ve posted pictures of my hair natural, relaxed, and while transitioning. I’ll likely do a “reflections” type post and include my updated regimen and product staple in a later update. Promise I won’t go over a year w/o posting again, lol.

Natural Hair

Natural Fro Hairstyle

Straight Natural Hair

I’ve pretty much been wearing my hair in a fro and a pony puff mainly because it’s easy and I don’t have a lot of time to spend doing my hair. Once in a while I’ll straighten it, pin it or style it with flexi rods. I’ve never been so in love with my hair and it always seem so cool that I can float between straight and natural hair so easily. It did take me some time to perfect my flatiron process… But I have it down to a science now. POW! When people ask you did you relax your hair every time you straighten, you know you’re doing a good job, lol.

The only issue I have with my natural hair (that I didn’t have when I was relaxed) is detangling. It takes forever and since I love simple styles like fros and puffs… my detangling sessions are usually exhausting because my hair tends to matt and lock easily. Patience is the only advice I can give because I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s easy detangling my hair. But that’s the only issue I have and I just learned to deal with it.

Below is a current picture of my hair length. It was reverting after 2 weeks of being straightened so I was going to wash it before I took this picture. My hair is mid-back length right now. I don’t have any real hair goals… I’m just letting it do whatever. But the line marks my waist and I guess my hair is about 2.5-3 inches away.

MBL Natural Hair

Relaxed Hair

My Relaxed Hair

Really not much to say about my relaxed hair. I wore my hair down, with curls or in a ponytail pretty much everyday. My relaxed hair was APL (armpit length) before I started my transition. It would not grow past that length before I went natural. And trust, I was protective styling and following all the prescribed Black Hair Care regimens to no avail. I know women online and in real life with beautiful relaxed hair, but I realized that it just doesn’t work for me.

Transitioning Hair

Long Transition to Natural Hairstyles

Half Wig

Transitioning with Wigs

Flat Twistouts on Natural and Relaxed Hair

I had the most fun with my hair when I was transitioning to natural. If you have followed my blog over the last few years, you know I tried pretty much every style when I was transitioning… Many are included in older posts within my Hair Transition Diary. And I’m going to need to revisit wearing wigs because I was in love with that half wig!!! Called her Beyonce, lol. That half wig got so much attention in person… I have no clue where I put my wig. SMH.

Anyway, the long transition to natural was perfect for me. I didn’t want to do a Big Chop also known as a BC. I’ve cut my hair short before and it was not fun growing it out so I chose the long transition and I’m glad I did. My longest layers were BSL (Bra Length) when I trimmed the last relaxed ends off. Waiting 2.5 years was totally worth it and I encourage anyone who wants to do a long transition to natural hair to go for it. Yes, it’s hard at times but the best decision I could have made. Thanks for reading and visiting my blog. I’ll try my best to not go forever without and update. Thanks for emailing to check up on me and for all the well wishes :)



RIP Whitney Houston

February 15, 2012

Whitney Houston’s music was the soundtrack to my life from birth to a young adult. The Bodyguard soundtrack was the first cassette I ever purchased w/ my own money. I remember how I saved for what seemed like forever and begged my sister to take me to buy it. Le Sigh. #memories Rest in Paradise Whitney Houston


I was emailed a trailer for a black hair documentary. Check it out below… And if you’re in the NY area, details are listed below about a screening on Feb 20 in Brooklyn.

In Our Heads About Our Hair – Trailer from Hemamset Angaza on Vimeo.

“On Monday, February 20 at BAMcinématek in Brooklyn, NY, New Voices in Black Cinema Festival presents a screening of IN OUR HEADS ABOUT OUR HAIR, a new documentary presenting a candid and funny glimpse into the issues surrounding hair and self-esteem, while advocating for the acceptance of all hairstyle choices.

The film includes interviews with Columbia professor Dr. Farah Jasmine Griffin, author/poet Asha Bandele, author/activist Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, media personality Abiola Abrams, veteran journalist Melba Tolliver – the first black network TV news anchor – and more. Following the screening, there will be a Q&A with filmmaker Hemamset Angaza, moderated by AOL consumer advisor and spokesperson LaToya Drake.

Join us for what promises to be an enlightening conversation on beauty, health, history, and hair.”